For the month of January, we will be offering our first bonus content/participation for folks. A fund raiser, if you will. Don’t worry, everything’s going to stay free, and the comic will continue even if this is a total flop, but if you want, now you can get something extra for yourself!

Everyone who donates is in the running for the PRIZE, which is giving Charlie his middle name. Charlie _______ Everett. What will his name be? It’s all up to YOU. It will appear in comic, prominently, and as an added bonus, it was already part of the story, so you don’t have to worry about it seeming shoehorned or silly.

The person who donates the MOST in the month of January gets to give Charlie his middle name. It can be ANYTHING under, say, 10 characters. If it’s S2#CKGEBT!, I will write in an explanation for it later, but you can also name it after a friend, a loved one, literally anything. You can even name him Charlie Charlie, leaving plenty of room for Catch-22 jokes. It will appear on page 51, which is why I’m holding the contest now.

It’s my plan to use the cash to start saving/preparing extra content, up to and including (depending on the follow-through) a new Tuesday/Thursday offering. I won’t promise anything, because I have no clue how this will work. If I only make two bucks, I’ll just throw it toward page costs, but if I make a hundred or two, I’ll be able to start commissioning art for something new. It is my intention not to profit, but instead to maintain/improve, dig? Is that fair? Does that make sense? If so, or if not, please feel free to email me and let me know.

But that’s just the top prize. There are other prizes for people who make microdonations:

Everyone who donates at least a dollar this month will get our first postcard, signed if you’d like, pristine if you’d like, your call.

Anyone who donates five dollars or more will get a button and a postcard. You can choose the design for whatever you get. There’s going to be a CURA Obama style button, another based on the villain (who you haven’t met yet, but shortly will), and one based on the logo, at least in the near term.

Here’s the aforementioned Cura image, for an example:

Anyone who donates ten dollars gets a button, a postcard, AND an 11X17 poster, which will also be shown before the end of the month here on the site. Rad!

Anyone who donates more than that will get a button, a postcard, a poster, and some extra swag, including (but not limited to) some of my published stuff in magazines, low run chapbooks, and other comics from years past. I’ll play it by ear, but I’ll be generous. I’m even open to your suggestions… want to see some future script? I’ve written through the entire first year. The stuff I know may just curl your toes if you’re digging the stories. I will gladly haggle. Mainly I’m trying to find a way to help you enjoy the comic more.

All of this cash will go directly into this site, and if this is a success, my plan is to introduce a few other interesting ideas next month, maybe even start a monthly contest or two! If it fails miserably, I’ll laugh at myself and move on. Why not?

Thanks in advance for any consideration, and hey, folks, enjoy the work!


Even if you, like me, are broke as a joke and can’t submit a red cent (and certainly, I’d understand that, given this economy), I hereby command you to SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS OVER EMAIL.

Why? Because I want to climb the hedge at your joint and take naked photos of your wife, of course!

No, no, no, that’s not really true. Already did that.

The real reason is because even if no one donates, I still want to thank everyone who’s been reading so far by sending out a small something, no charge. I won’t use your address for anything beyond that, so don’t be afraid. I hate Big Brother as much as you do. He farts in your face while you sleep, and we don’t need that.

Be well, all!