Many thanks to Lauren Davis for mentioning the comic once more!

If you’re coming to the site from, we welcome you, and hope you enjoy the comic!

In the menu above, you’ll find everything you’ll need to enjoy the comic (aside from the comic page). There’s an about page, if you want to get the gist of the major characters, or a forum, if you want to talk about them. There are some links to some comics we enjoy. There’s also a store, if you want to support the work. The best thing is the trades right now in the store (Vol. One) (Vol. Two) (Vol. Two with a sketch) (Vol One and Two), but if you look below, you’ll see we have color digital comics coming soon, if you stick with us! We also have snazzy tee shirts:

Kristen wearing our wonderful shirt!

If you want to jump right to the storyline mentioned in the article, it starts on page 168, here. Basic premise is that they’ve been attacked by Charlie’s nemesis, the Dark Everett (an evil version of himself) and have been forced to portal to a random place to escape him.

Thanks, all, and we hope you love the comic and bookmark it! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.