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Well folks, here it is! Finally, you can pre order Cura volume two! It’s in the can! Cura Te Ipsum Volume 2: A Priori will be available on NOVEMBER 9TH. I will ship November 8th.

There are multiple packages available. If the above pictures don’t give you the idea, here’s a text version and a graph version of what you can get:

A: Trade 2.
B: Trade 1 and 2.
C: Trade 2 and one custom sketch.
D: Trade 1 and 2 and one custom sketch.
E: Trade 2 and an “Evolution” tee.
F: Trade 1 and 2 and an “Evolution” tee.
G: Trade 2, one custom sketch, and an “Evolution” tee.
H: Trade 1 and 2, one custom sketch, and an “Evolution” tee.
I: Trade 2, an “Evolution” tee, and a massive 6X10 custom sketch!
ULTIMATE: Trade 1 and 2, an “Evolution” tee, and a massive 6X10 custom sketch!

This is the cover for the trade (click to make larger, if you want):

The trade will feature 26 pages of bonus material, including EXCLUSIVE color images, script to scene, early designs you won’t find anywhere else, and a series of promo images that tease Year Two!

This is the image that will be on the tee (for some reason smart phones have issues with this image. It’s white characters with a black background and a red logo, if it’s inverted):

The image on the tee will be 11 inches wide on the chest, and have two colors. Please specify size when ordering, or I will have to send you an email and bug you for it!

The custom sketches will be ANY character you want, and they can be doing specific things within reason (if you ask for something super complex, I’ll bounce it off Dex, but we aim to please). PLEASE NOTE: CUSTOM SKETCHES MUST BE ORDERED BY NOVEMBER 1. Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll have to get a random Cura sketch (Which isn’t bad, honestly. I haven’t seen a Dex sketch that sucked yet!)

Head on over to the STORE and order now!