Okay! Here’s a preview of some of the swag you’ll be getting if you made a donation for the contest, the stuff that will be going out in early February.

The main reason I couldn’t show them to you until now is because they involve the Dark Everett, who you got introduced to just a few pages back. You’ll learn more about him soon, but now at least, you’ve seen his face (or a lack thereof).

So without ado:

First, the buttons! I created three designs, which I plan on producing through Busy Beaver, so you’ll get these designs, with the words on the side of the buttons (not on the main face):

(Nosce Te Ipsum means “Know Thyself” as opposed to Cura, which is “Heal thyself”)

Wait a second! Who are these guys? Hmmm. Maybe you’ll find out next week….could be!

Posters! I have five posters prepared (though two are variations of themselves):

This is a promo piece Dex designed early on, a larger version of what’s featured on the banner ad, with a tagline.

This poster is also available in its raw form, which is simply the above image with no words. That’s poster two.

Poster three is the raw image from page 35, which I think speaks rather well for itself!

Poster four is that image, plus dialogue from the comic.

Poster five is a new commission, from Dex:

Finally, after the posters, there are the postcards! I’m still deciding which to go with, but they include variations of the above, and one special image I’m trying to decide if I should send out yet. (It’s a bit spoilery, but it’s almost too rad not to show to people cool enough to donate). What do you guys think?

At any rate, that’s where we’re at so far. If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests, I’m always open, and would love to hear from you guys!