Hank’s apartment? What does it mean? Who the hell is Hank? Why is he in Paris? Why this particular angle on the Eiffel Tower?

All good questions. Kristen says I should tell you to embiggen the picture so you can actually see the Eiffel Tower.

So, I didn’t update last night, but I have a good excuse. My aunt died. Second aunt this year, fifth relative in two years. It’s getting crazy.

First Marcus, my gal’s brother, after a prolonged thirty year battle with Spina Bifida, then my Grandmother, of old age and the flu, then my uncle, Robert, of a heart attack, then my Aunt Gloria, then my Aunt Lilly, of cancer.

The funeral was at 2, but it took my mind completely off the ball for the night. That said, I don’t really have much new to share that I didn’t have going on Wednesday, beyond the fact that we’re now locked into a tentative time table.

My thinking is, this weekend I’ll get a temporary site up, (with Sion’s help… I say “I” like I’ll actually be doing any installation, which is false), and we’ll goof with that, and then after that, we’ve set a one-week deadline to have the site up and running, because right now (thanks to Dex going above and beyond the call of duty) I have a sufficient buffer to start the site.

This puts the start date for the comic at the first Monday in November, which is also the first day of November, and I like that. Good for easy anniversary remembering.

The initial plan was to start that week and go promo the piece at the Bell-Con with a promo card, but unfortunately they didn’t want to offer me a guest space, and I don’t have any money to pay for a table, so I shan’t be attending, though I wanted to.

I will, however, be doing a personal publicity tour/blitz to local comic book shops with a printed promotion in the first few weeks. If you live in Washington on the I-5 corridor, I’ll tell you when and where the shops that support the work are, and how to find the exclusive piece by Dex that will be on the card/promo piece. Or, barring that, it’s gonna be a postcard, so if you want, I can just mail you one of the danged things, if you want. More on that as it develops.

Either way, not this Monday, but the next.

Get ready!